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news Dragon Captions releases two new mods for Skyrim | 16 Feb 13
03:31:02 by Nakia Rogue | Views: 2556 | Comments: 0

Scythe at Dragon Captions has released two new Mods.  They are first verisions and he intends to upgrade them.   Here is a link to the first one:
Trevas Watch

You must finish the Treva's Watch Miscellaneous Quest before installing this (V 1.0). Hopefully this will be fixed in later versions.

This mod goes through and adds a number of Vassals and Guards to the fortress/keep of Treva's Watch. It removes the bandits that once spawned here. I am working on ways to remove it from the 'random destination' for the miscellaneous quests. The rewards chest has been left untouched so that it can still be used as a pick up for any quest requiring you to retrieve artifacts from...

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